How Regan Peggs helped a client obtain a licence from a professional body

When it comes to obtaining a licence from a professional body, many people may feel overwhelmed. It can be a complicated process but it is important to obtain a licence from a professional body in order to ensure that you are operating within the law and providing quality services within your industry.
There are many different types of professional licences, and the requirements for each vary depending on the profession and industry.

What industries require a licence?

Many industries and professions require a professional licence, practising certificate, or similar.

  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.)
  • Teachers
  • Social workers

There are many different types of professional licences, and the requirements for each can vary depending on the industry.
Under normal circumstances obtaining a qualification can be a challenge, but a client of Regan Peggs was experiencing exceptional difficulties due to a past criminal conviction.

What was the issue?

The client came to Regan Peggs solicitors because they were experiencing troubles obtaining a professional licence due to past criminal convictions.

The client was looking to start a new career but was initially prevented from this due to the difficulty in obtaining a licence.

How did Regan Peggs help?

Regan Peggs solicitors made an application on behalf of the client to obtain the licence from the professional body despite the client’s previous criminal convictions.

Representations were made about the circumstances of the convictions, and the effect that the licence being granted would have on the client’s ability to commence a new career.

The licence was obtained

The professional body considered all of the representations made and granted the licence to the client. This was a positive outcome for the client, as it meant that they could continue to work in their chosen profession despite their criminal convictions.

How can Regan Peggs help you?

Regan Peggs solicitors represent both individuals and companies in relation to claiming and defending matters with professional regulatory bodies. We can also defend criminal proceedings brought against clients by their respective professional bodies.

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