Intern’s Diary – Hannah Mambu (2)

Here at Regan Peggs Solicitors we are fortunate to be regularly joined by interns from Birmingham City University.  Last week two new interns started.  This instalment of the Intern’s Diary is written by one of them, Hannah Mambu.

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Monday 15th October

I got into work and started my day by looking at my task and set reminders to complete each activity. Today was to be a full day in the office with Gemma.  Regan was at court defending our client in a week long trial for GBH.

Regan had asked me to write to some clients to confirm the outcome of their cases at court.  For example, I wrote to one client to confirm that, although he was now on 12 penalty points, he was not disqualified from driving, but able to keep his license because we had established that a driving ban would cause him ‘exceptional hardship’.

The firm had seen a busy week since I was last in, and I was kept occupied all day progressing cases, making phone calls to police officers, and updating clients.

, Intern’s Diary – Hannah Mambu (2)

Overall it was a good day, except for the bad weather!

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