Intern’s Diary – Hannah Mambu (6)

Here at Regan Peggs Solicitors we are fortunate to be regularly joined by interns from Birmingham City University.  This instalment of the Intern’s Diary is written by one of them, Hannah Mambu.

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Monday 12th November

As always, I started my day in the office by checking my emails and attending to the urgent tasks first.

, Intern’s Diary – Hannah Mambu (6)

I had two very important emails to send to the courts this morning, regarding our clients.

The first email was to North Staffordshire Justice Centre about our client’s motoring case.  This client pleads guilty, but is in danger of receiving a driving disqualification.  I wrote to the court to ask that the case be adjourned to a hearing at which he and Regan will attend to put forward his mitigation, and hopefully save his licence.

The second email was similar, as I had to email the Chief Clerk at Birmingham Crown Court, to seek an adjournment of the case because the court had listed an appeal on a date the client  cannot make.  This client is a private hire taxi driver, whose licence was refused by the Local Authority.  His appeal to the Magistrates’ Court failed, and he now seeks to persuade the Crown Court to return his livelihood.

After this, Regan and I saw a new client who was disqualified from driving by the court, because a letter he had sent had gone astray.  Regan told him that unfortunately this happens quite a lot.  Regan explained how we would unpick the problem, and then try to persuade the court not to ban him at all.  He is the sole income holder for his household, so it is possible to argue a case for exceptional hardship.  After we saw him, I opened the file, and completed all of the preliminary work in the case.

Finally, I dealt with a case it which it has been necessary to have some home made vodka tested, to see how much alcohol it contains.  The lab called a couple of times to check details in the case, because they couldn’t believe anyone would drink vodka that strong!  I was able to confirm to them that our client had indeed been drinking it.

I had an organized and informative day!