Intern’s Diary – Hannah Mambu

Here at Regan Peggs Solicitors we are fortunate to be regularly joined by interns from Birmingham City University.  Last week two new interns started.  This instalment of the Intern’s Diary is written by one of them, Hannah Mambu.

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Monday 1st October

I was warmly welcomed in at the firm by both Regan and Gemma on my first day. Gemma gave me a tour of the offices, which are very accessible and easy to get around. I was notified of the essentials and was given my own laptop to use. I read the firm’s policies and procedures and learnt how to access client files and other documents on the case management system.

Before heading to the courts with Regan in the afternoon, I read the paperwork in the case so I would be able to follow the hearing.  Our client had been refused a Private Hire Licence, and today was his appeal hearing at the Magistrates’ Court.  I enjoyed seeing how the cases for the Council and our client were presented.

Monday 8th October

I started off my second day meeting Regan at Birmingham New Street station, as we had two cases at Redditch Magistrates’ Court.

, Intern’s Diary – Hannah Mambu

Hannah enjoying the sights of Redditch

In the first, our client admitted speeding, and was at risk of a driving ban as he would reach 12 penalty points, and tot.  Happily, the court was persuaded that a driving ban would cause him exceptional hardship, and so allowed him to keep his licence.   We won the case!

Our second client is a very poorly man.  Unfortunately he collapsed as soon as he entered the court building, and was taken to hospital.  His case had to be adjourned.  Regan said that although it is rare, the stress of going to court can sometimes cause serious physical problems for clients.

Back to Birmingham, I sent our first client a summary of what happened in the court, and closed their case file.

I spent the rest of the afternoon working through a list of jobs, such as calling the CPS, medical secretaries, and other solicitors, for documents needed in upcoming cases we are going to defend in the coming days.

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