Intern’s Diary – Maria Pantziarou (11)

Here at Regan Peggs Solicitors we are fortunate to be regularly joined by interns from Birmingham City University.  This instalment of the Intern’s Diary is written by one of them, Maria Pantziarou, about her time on 19th of December 2018.

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Today as usual I came into the office, checked my emails and set my reminders.

The first task I had to do was follow up on a case that I was working last week. This task had to do with me contacting the secretary of one of our client’s doctor’s in order to chase up medical records that are essential to our client’s case.

, Intern’s Diary – Maria Pantziarou (11)

After that I had to call to Wolverhampton Crown Court and ask if our request for a PTPH date change is granted. In the end I was able to confirm the date that is convenient for Regan to attend.  It is important to our client that Regan is able to represent him.

Regan asked me to contact another solicitor, who we work closely with, in order to provide her with details she needs to assist one of our clients.  When someone needs help with an area of law that Regan and Gemma don’t specialise in, they like to be able to help the client by passing them to someone who is an expert  in that area.

Another task was to open three new files, add relevant information to each file, send letters to those clients, and inform them about the  progress of their cases.

Furthermore, I called Leicester Crown Court to confirm if they have received an email from my colleague Gemma with an urgent request, regarding the driving license of one of our clients. I was able to confirm that they have received the email and our request is been processed.  We have applied for our client’s driving ban to be suspended pending her appeal, and she would like a judge to consider this request as soon as possible.

Last but not least I had to print some documents and post them to the West Midlands Police and to some of our clients.

Overall it was an interesting day and I am looking forward to learning more next semester.