Intern’s Diary – Maria Pantziarou (8)

Here at Regan Peggs Solicitors we are fortunate to be regularly joined by interns from Birmingham City University.  This instalment of the Intern’s Diary is written by one of them, Maria Pantziarou, about her time on 28th of November 2018.

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Today I came into the office and, as usual, I checked my emails and the tasks I had to do for today.

Florence, who is doing some work experience with us, helped me with my tasks.  Florence made calls to the police and HMP Birmingham to ask for information that we needed for our clients. She drafted some notes about the calls she made and then I was able to update the files as needed.  Together we made a good team, and it was good to know that I now understand enough to pass on my knowledge to someone else.

A new client has instructed us in relation to a drink driving allegation.  They say that they had consumed very little alcohol, and they suspect that they were found to be over the limit because of the effect of some medication they were taking.  I was tasked with contacting the court and the Crown Prosecution Service about the case, in order to get the details we need to instruct an expert witness.  Hopefully we will be able to save our client’s driving licence.

After that, I was asked to write to a client to confirm the result of his case.  This client admitted breaching a High Court injunction against road racing.  He had faced a prison sentence, but we managed to persuade the court to impose a fine instead.

Next, I worked on a sad case that involves the death of a cyclist, who was killed by a lorry.  Regan asked me to carry out some basic work in opening the file, so that we can begin to make progress with it.

In addition, Gemma asked me to scan and transfer some important documents to the case management system for one of our client’s that has asked our advice in private prosecution.

Last but not least, I had to diarise a hearing date and inform our client about that.

Overall it was a full and interesting day and with the help of supervisors, I was able to complete my tasks.