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Modern driving is complicated. If you’ve been charged with a motoring offence, navigating the legal system on your own can be incredibly time-consuming, confusing and stressful – especially because the potential loss of your freedom of movement is hanging over you at all times.

If you want basic information about motoring law in the UK, our new e-book may be just what you need. A Guide to Motoring Offences in the UK offers you an overview of:

  • Common offences related to everything from seat belts and missing MOT certificates to drink-driving laws
  • Details about fines, penalty points, driving bans and custodial sentences for motoring offences
  • “Special reasons” and other potential defences for avoiding conviction or mitigating a sentence

This guide has been written by me, Regan Peggs, and my team of expert motoring solicitors here in Birmingham. We bring years of court experience – and an excellent track record representing clients—to what you’ll learn in these pages.

Best of all, this e-book is absolutely FREE.

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