Here at Regan Peggs Solicitors Birmingham we understand that facing a criminal investigation or prosecution can be an incredibly daunting experience.

It is vital that you take legal advice from a specialist criminal defence lawyer as soon as you know that there is a potential problem.

Whatever the allegation and whatever your instructions, as criminal solicitors, we are here to listen carefully and sympathetically. We will give you clear, straightforward advice, enabling you to make well-informed decisions about your case, and more importantly, your future.

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How can we help you?

Formal Interviews

Many people are surprised when told that they are going to be interviewed relating to an offence, particularly when it is not the police or local authorities that want to speak with them.

Prosecuting agencies that might interview you include:

Some of these have the power of arrest, while others do not. However, all interviews and organisations involved must be taken seriously.

Anyone suspected of an offence can be interviewed. This does not mean you will face prosecution. However, you might well have many months of worry waiting for a decision if you do not handle the interview properly.

We understand the importance of getting your defence right from the outset. If you have been invited for an interview, please get in touch to seek our expert advice immediately.

Magistrates’ Courts

Magistrates’ Courts deal with the vast majority of criminal cases in England and Wales. Most offences dealt with here are relatively minor – they generally carry up to six months imprisonment only.

However, the consequences of a conviction for your reputation or even a short prison sentence on your livelihood can be immense.

We can obtain the prosecution evidence against you and advise on the strength of the case against you. We can then represent you in court, either at trial or for your guilty plea and sentence.

There are always two sides to each story. The prosecution will have a professional lawyer putting forward their version. Our courts work by hearing the opposing arguments and then deciding where the justice of the matter lies. It is important that you have the same advantage as the prosecution.

We can provide confidential advice and assistance on these matters. Please contact us to discuss your case.

Youth Court

The Youth Court is a division of the Magistrates’ Court that deals with those aged from 10 to 17. Different and complicated rules apply here in relation to evidence and sentence.

Youth Courts can deal with far more serious offences than Magistrates’ Courts – for example rape and robbery. However, they can also impose up to two years’ detention in a Young Offender Institute – a very long time for a teenager to be locked up.

It is vital that early advice is taken if you or your child are facing proceedings in the Youth Court.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with people with autism, asperger’s syndrome and ADHD. Sometimes those with these difficulties fail to understand what is going on around them and may mean that they have a defence not available to others.

At the very least, they will need the law explained to them in very clear language – something that we are well used to doing.

We also have access to very well regarded psychiatrists who can prepare specialist reports about youths in this situation.

We can provide confidential advice and assistance on these matters. Please contact us to discuss your case.

Crown Court

The Crown Court deals with the most serious offences.

Generally, this means offences that warrant more than six months imprisonment if the defendant is convicted.

Due to larger sentences being implemented, it is especially important that you receive sensible and clear advice about your plea at an early stage.

We can represent you throughout your entire case. This may be at trial or a plea in mitigation aimed at minimising the sentence.

This means that we can begin preparing your case at the investigation stage and ensure a consistent approach throughout.

We are also able to accept instructions from other solicitors to represent you in the Crown Court.

We can provide confidential advice and assistance on these matters. Please contact us to discuss your case.

Courts Martial

Those in the armed forces are subject to the Courts Martial regime as well as the criminal courts. This is similar to the criminal jurisdiction but has a number of important differences.

We can help with Courts Martial anywhere in the UK, or abroad.

We can provide confidential advice and assistance on these matters. Please contact us to discuss your case.


Appeals can be made against conviction or sentence. If you were convicted in a Magistrates’ Court you have an automatic right of appeal to the Crown Court. If you were convicted in the Crown Court, then you must seek leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

It is also possible to appeal to the High Court if you think that the Magistrates or Judge made a mistake in law.

We can assist with all of these types of appeal. If you are not sure whether it would be a good idea to appeal, please get in touch to discuss your case.

It is usually possible to agree a fixed fee to consider the papers and advise you about the merits of an appeal.

Please note that appeals must generally be made within strict time limits. It is important that if you are considering an appeal that you do not delay.

We can provide confidential advice and assistance on these matters. Please contact us to discuss your case.