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Those working in professions that are governed by an official or regulatory body, such as solicitors, doctors and teachers, are subject to various standards or codes of conduct both within and beyond the workplace.

A suspected breach of these standards can result in professional disciplinary proceedings, which in turn can lead to an individual having their license to practice suspended, or even to them being struck off their professional register altogether.

At Regan Peggs Solicitors, we offer reliable, intelligent advice to professionals who find themselves involved in disciplinary proceedings. We can represent you at any tribunals or hearings, and can appeal for a judicial review on your behalf where appropriate.

With intricate knowledge of a wide range of professional areas, we can help you to prepare a robust defence to keep you working in the job you love.

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Regulatory Bodies

Regulatory bodies that can bring professional disciplinary proceedings against individuals, and with whom we have experience working, include:

Solicitors – Solicitors Regulation Authority / Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal
Doctors – General Medical Council
Dentists – General Dental Council
Pharmacists – General Pharmaceutical Council
Nurses / Midwives – Nursing and Midwifery Tribunal
Teachers – General Teaching Council

For advice on how to deal with disciplinary action brought be these or any other governing bodies, contact us today.

Criminal Proceedings

In the most serious cases, professional misconduct can also lead to criminal proceedings.

Should your situation escalate to the extent that criminal charges are brought against you, we can help by advising you and representing you in any court hearings, giving you the best possible chance of avoiding a conviction.

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