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Do you need the services of private prosecution solicitors? Our firm is one of the few in England and Wales with specialist experience bringing private criminal prosecutions. Now that cost recovery is a standard feature of these cases, anyone can exercise their right to prosecute a criminal case privately – regardless of how wealthy they are.

If you believe you have a case against someone, we can review it and advise on whether any prosecution is likely to succeed. Should you wish to go ahead, we’ll act directly as your private prosecution solicitors from start to finish, both in and out of court.

Contact us now to discuss your case and find out how we can help you.

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Our principal solicitor, Regan Peggs, regularly prosecutes in the Crown Court. He is a Level 3 approved Crown Prosecutor and was one of the first solicitors to attended the ‘Advocacy and the Vulnerable’ training. He is instructed by the Specialist Fraud Division of the CPS.

Regan also has experience of prosecuting on behalf of the Environment Agency, the RSPCA, the Post Office and Royal Mail. He is pleased to accept instructions directly from the CPS, as well as returns from chambers. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Who Can Start a Private Prosecution Case?

Anyone,  including individuals, victims, organisations, or companies, can initiate a private prosecution, except when the crime requires the approval of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) or the Attorney-General.

What Makes a Case Suitable for Private Prosecution?

The most appropriate cases for private prosecution include,

  • A case where the crime has been committed in the UK
  • A case where the offender is known and resides in the UK
  • A case where there is adequate evidence to prove the crime is available or has been obtained.
  • A case where prosecution agencies have declined to pursue a public prosecution or reasonable explanation for not approaching them can be provided. 
  • A case where the prosecutor can find a legitimate reason or motive for bringing the prosecution.

Common reasons to Commence a Private Prosecution

You may wish to commence a private prosecution for any of the reasons below.

  • To hold the offender accountable and deter others from similar behaviour.
  • To safeguard the public or serve the public interest.
  • Civil proceedings are no longer feasible (e.g. due to time constraints or the offender’s lack of assets)
  • To confiscate the profits of the offender’s crime.

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Got a specific question about our prosecution services? Browse our selection of useful articles below, or get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for – we’re always happy to discuss your case, and will either help you directly or refer you to someone who can.

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