Birmingham speed camera switch-on raises fears of ‘totting up’

Picture1News that eight new average speed cameras are to be switched on across Birmingham and Solihull in the next two weeks has raised local drivers’ fears of losing their licence through a process known as ‘totting up’.

Totting up happens when a driver accumulates 12 or more penalty points on their licence within three years, leading to a court summons and a potential disqualification from driving for at least six months.

Because average speed cameras monitor drivers over much longer distances than traditional cameras, many more drivers find that they can fall foul of them due to inattention, or simply by matching the speed of other drivers.

The average speed cameras are due to be switched on across Birmingham and Solihull on the 18th of July 2016. They are expected to be back in operation for five years, although there will be an initial evaluation of their effectiveness in increasing safety over the first 21 months.

It is not unusual for drivers to quickly find themselves in danger of totting when cameras are switched on across a region in this way. The loss of a driving licence can lead to unemployment, and so any driver who finds themselves facing a court appearance for more than one offence should seek legal advice on how to present their case.

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