Regan Peggs works with You. Smart. Thing. to provide specialist legal advice and support, ensuring the company is efficient, secure and robust, ready for future growth.


About You. Smart. Thing.

You. Smart. Thing. provide visitor-centric destination management.

Having pioneered a new approach to the management of personal data in 2015 and applying it to the field of intelligent mobility, YST began as an R&D consultancy with a public-sector client base, including Arriva UK Trains, the Rail Safety Standard Board, Rail Delivery Group, the West Midlands Combined Authority and Transport for London.

In 2019, YST launched its Travel Assistant software, a plugin for websites or apps that helps guide people to venues and events. Combining real-time information across the transport network with individual preferences, the Travel Assistant provides users with a personalised travel plan, improving customer experience and encouraging repeat visits.


What Regan Peggs does for You. Smart. Thing.

Innovation Funding

YST was able to apply for significant Innovation Funding from the UK Government to develop Urban Tourism 5.0 – 5G Enabled Audience Engagement and Analytics for Transport Operator Decision Support, Network Optimisation and Process Automation, in partnership with other major companies.

Regan Peggs was able to provide the relevant certification and advice to ensure that YST were compliant with the Competition Regulations.



Regan Peggs has advised on a restructuring of the business, in conjunction with YST’s accountants. This has involved:

  • Amending articles and memorandum of association to allow different classes of shares to be issued
  • Ensuring checks in place to satisfy financial backers
  • Establishing family trusts for the two main equity holders to allow shares to be held in the names of their children and wider family

Careful planning was required, along with advice to the company, directors, and others involved.

The legal advice and support provided by Regan Peggs means YST is now positioned to rapidly expand, while preserving capital to allow for future growth.



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