How Regan Peggs Solicitors defended client against regulatory authority

Regulatory compliance is essential to success in any industry. Some industries are more regulated than others and it is crucial to understand what applies in your specific field to avoid being penalised. Industries that must adhere to very strict regulations include:

  • Healthcare
  • Food
  • Finance
  • And more

However, most industries are regulated to a degree and the importance of compliance cannot be overstated. The cost of breaching regulations can be high and can mean the closure of your company in the worst-case scenario.

Recently a large company came to Regan Peggs Solicitors seeking legal advice in a regulatory matter.

Why was Regan Peggs contacted?

Regan Peggs was contacted by a large company operating in a regulated industry. The company was facing legal issues regarding its license to trade. The professional body for the industry was revoking the license due to a breach of regulations.

The company did the right thing and contacted Regan Peggs Solicitors straight away for legal advice.

How did Regan Peggs advise the company?

When Regan Peggs was contacted, the team worked on the case giving legal advice to the company.

We advised the company throughout the appeal process and she also instigated the appeal through the courts. Through negotiation between the company and the regulatory body, a satisfactory resolution for both parties was found.

The outcome

We had the appeal withdrawn and the company was allowed to trade whilst making improvements to its processes pending an application for a new license. This was a great outcome as it allowed the company to make the necessary improvements without incurring detrimental losses.

How we can help you as business regulation lawyers

Our team of specialist business lawyers can help protect yourself and your business. We offer swift, reliable and robust legal advice and advocacy across a wide range of regulatory business areas. To discuss your case and discover how we can help, get in touch today or call us directly on 0121 201 3765.

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