Lessons learned from lockdown enable move to Shetland

Move to Shetland

Regan Peggs, founder of Regan Peggs Solicitors, made the move to Shetland in September.

Regan may have moved approximately 892 miles away, but the company’s office in Birmingham’s Digbeth is staying put.

The last 18 months have potentially changed the way people live, work, socialise and go about their everyday, for good. For Regan, this shift needs to be reflected in the firm to ensure high-quality work, wellbeing and progression continue to be at the forefront. Taking this as an opportunity to reassess, to reimagine what’s possible for the firm, Regan Peggs Solicitors have decided to make some changes.

The office is set to be reconfigured, employees are to receive a budget to support home working, leave allowance is being abolished, quarterly training days are to take place and additional employee benefits including gym memberships, eye tests and access to a benefits portal are being introduced.

Since the start of the pandemic, the firm has expanded both in numbers and areas of expertise. The company’s growth and employees’ resilience over the last year and a half have confirmed Regan’s trust and confidence in his team, ultimately enabling him to make the decision to move to Shetland. “With lockdown being lifted the team and I decided to have a proper think about how we can keep improving going forwards. We all want to keep providing our clients with the highest level legal services.

“We had a great meeting and everyone enthusiastically took part and came up with ideas – I am very lucky to have such wonderful colleagues who are eager to create a progressive forward-thinking practice.

“If there is one thing lockdown has shown us it’s that remote working really does work. My move to Shetland does not mean that I am any less involved with the business and the team. I can assure you, you will still see me around Birmingham.”

For more on the firm’s changes or founder’s move, get in touch on 0121 201 3765 or email info@reganpeggs.com.

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