Will insurance cover legal fees?

Insurance is one of the few things we buy with the hope that we will never need it. It’s not a fun purchase to make, but it’s one that can be very helpful in a time of need. When it comes to legal fees, some people wonder if their insurance will help cover the cost.

The answer to this question depends on your specific policy and it is important to be aware of what your policy will cover before you take it out. Legal fees are not something most people think about in their day-to-day lives, but it can be a very important thing to consider when taking out an insurance policy.

In this article, we cover why insurance against legal fees can be very useful as well as provide a real-life example from the work here at Regan Peggs.

Why is insurance important?

Having insurance that covers legal fees can be extremely useful in a variety of situations. If you are involved in a lawsuit, for example, the last thing you want to worry about is how you will afford to pay your solicitor. Having this type of coverage can save you a lot of money and stress in an already difficult situation.
Similarly, if you are facing criminal charges or regulatory offences, legal fees can add up quickly. If you have insurance that covers these expenses, you can focus on your defence and not worry about how you will pay your lawyer.

Overall, having insurance that covers legal fees can be a lifesaver in many different situations. If you are ever faced with legal problems, it is worth checking to see if your policy provides this type of coverage.

Can I choose my own solicitor?

Yes, you can choose your own solicitor. The Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) Regulations 1990 provide you with the right to choose your own solicitors. If your insurance company try to insist that their own solicitors are used, you should stand up to them, or let us do it for you.

So, if you are in a situation where you need legal representation, don’t let the insurance company tell you who to use – You are entitled to choose your own lawyer.

How Regan Peggs helped a client being investigated by the Food Standards Agency

We recently represented a client who was being investigated by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The client, who had been a director of a large company that supplied meats to many well-known restaurant and pub chains, was accused of breaking food safety laws.

The FSA launched an investigation that ended up lasting 3 years, which had a massive impact on our client’s income. Fortunately, the director was covered by an insurance policy that covered legal fees.

How did the insurance help the client?

Because the FSA took so long and was so thorough in their investigation the total cost of legal fees exceeded £20k. These expenses were covered by the insurance of the client and they would not have been recoverable without it.

What was the outcome?

We were able to advance a detailed response to the FSA to show that the client was guilty of no offence. The client was happy with the outcome and having insurance covering legal fees provided some peace of mind through a challenging 3 years.


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While we can’t know everything that will happen in the future, having insurance gives you peace of mind and a safety net if something goes wrong. As seen in the case of the FSA investigation, being insured allowed our client to focus on the matter at hand without worrying about how they would pay for their legal fees.

If you’re ever in a difficult situation like this, don’t hesitate to get in touch — our team is here to help.

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