Let our motoring offence solicitors keep you on the road

Losing your driving license can be devastating, with potentially serious implications for your job, home life and personal relationships.

There are many different types of motoring offences. If convicted of a motoring offence, you could face penalty points, a driving ban or even a criminal conviction.

At Regan Peggs Solicitors, we have specialist experience in all areas of motoring law. We can help you to avoid or appeal any sanction you may be facing.

With an excellent track record of successful appeals, we have helped hundreds of drivers to avoid penalty points and bans. We’ve also negotiated reduced disqualification periods or custodial sentences for many others.

Whatever your circumstances, contact us today to discuss how our motoring offence solicitors can help. There is almost certainly something we can do to keep you on the road.

We also offer specialist services for taxi drivers and those in the haulage industry.

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How can we help you?

Penalty points

In some circumstances it is possible to persuade a court not to impose penalty points because there is a “special reason” not to do so. This is a technical legal phrase and we can advise you about whether it applies in your case.

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Driving bans

There are three main ways in which a court might disqualify someone convicted of a motoring offence.

In relation to some offences a court has no option but to impose a disqualification unless a “special reason” exists. For example, someone who was over the drink drive limit because their drink had been laced with alcohol without their knowledge might be able to persuade a court not to ban them. We can help either to put forward your special reason or try to persuade the court to keep the ban as short as possible.

A court may decide to disqualify someone because the offence itself was particularly serious. For example, someone driving very fast might be banned for speeding. In these types of cases there are a number of arguments that we can put forward to persuade a court not to ban you and impose penalty points instead.

Those who reach twelve or more penalty points on their licence will “tot” and therefore will receive a ban of at least six months on the first occasion – it is much longer the second or third time. However, it is often possible to persuade a court that being banned would cause you, your colleagues or your family “exceptional hardship”. If this can be established then the court may choose not to ban you.

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Very often defendants go to a Magistrates’ Court without a solicitor, expecting to be cleared or receive points, yet end up walking away with a conviction or a ban. We find that this can frequently happen because their case was not presented properly.

If you are in this position, we can advise whether it is possible to make an appeal to the Crown Court.

There is usually a 21 day deadline for lodging an appeal so it is important that you get in touch immediately to discuss matters. However, if you have missed this deadline we can advise you on whether you have grounds to ask the court to allow you to appeal out of time.

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